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    Quote Originally Posted by Inimical View Post
    I did and it seemed to improve playing music through bluetooth but no effect on phone calls.
    OK, just figured I'd toss it out in case it somehow might have helped .
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    I regret selling my Treo 700wx. I got to admit that the Treo 800 has more features but every time i turn around i have a problem with this phone. My major problem i have been having is after a few days or weeks everything will automatically erase and i would have to restore a backup or do a hard reset and start fresh. This happens even when there is no 3rd party applications installed. Anyone have this problem? The Treo 700wx was not perfect but it was more stable.
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    phillysdon04 - You tried getting a replacement yet? What you're experiencing is not at all normal.
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    My appraisal is summed up by this:

    I originally had insurance on this phone. Then I took it off. If the phone dies I will just trash it and buy a secondhand smartphone (Q9, centro, etc) that is more stable and thinner.
    That, or I will just buy the HTC Touch HD when it is released.
    I joined the cellphone thing late: razr v3m->treo 800w
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    As head of IT, my group tries and tests many Sprint phones, I was so looking forward to the Treo 800w over the Treo 700wx. After deploying nearly 10 units, the verdict thus far is that it has great potential but is even buggier than the Treo 700wx.

    Most units are absolutely plain jane, really being used more as mobile e-mail devices than phones. Complaints are both poor battery life and random freezes requires soft resets anywhere from 1-4 times/day.

    My own personal experience (I had a unit from the first day out) is:
    - Great screen, great extra buttons, great keyboard, nice form factor
    - Great camera, handles 8GB MicroSD cards without "popping out"
    - Browsing speed OK but not a "wow" compared to EVDO Rev 0
    - Terrible battery life (but fixable), flimsy stylus, USB connector often hard to plug in.
    - Telenav sucks the life out the battery in no time (1 hour!!!)

    However, what is the downfall of this device are the random freezes and poor behavior when charging.

    Sometimes the phone says no service, other times the phone works OK for voice calls but phone cannot connect for data, Sometimes it is eternally trying to dial #777 with no connection. Sure enough, a quick flip out/in of the battery reboots the phone, and then, finally, voicemails start arriving, along with text messages and e-mail. These random freezes are destroying the reputation of the phone and Palm. I called Palm today (their 90 day initial setup help line), and it was hard to get a Level 2 engineer to even accept that Palm might need to own this problem rather than write off the problem with a response that there may be too much data coming across that is getting corrupted. Huh,,, isn't this one of the hallmark reasons people are buying this use it almost as a PC substitute that will by necessity need to receive a lot of data?

    I plug in the car charger, and the phone refuses to recognize it is on external power. Replug it in and now it recognizes it...maybe. Now use it while charging, and it forgets it is charging. The Treo 700wx did not have this problem (as long as the bottom connector wasn't worn out). Let the phone go to less than 10%, and it keeps waking up just to remind you it is dying - further sucking what precious life is left in the battery. Once at 0% battery life, and as stated before, it needs 15-30 minutes charging just to wake up. This behavior is just not acceptable as a business phone. It certainly is priced as a business phone though!

    Palm - please recognize that immediate action is needed to address these problems very quickly, or this phone will soon have a bad reputation and sales will tank. Blackberry is coming on strong with new offerings. The Moto Q9c and Samsung Ace i325 are viable and less costly competitors (albeit non-touch screen).

    Palm - please - eradicate the bugs from this phone. You have the potential to really make this phone a winner. Oh BTW, a real killer phone would not only have the bugs removed, but be a QChat phone as well. Just hoping....
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    love my treo 800w
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    Well I gave it my best shot. After countless resets and two 800w, I finally have had it. I had many problems with the 800w. The screen going blank issue, various email problems, and my soft keys not working just to name a few of my problems. Heck my wife has even had problems with hers. Sprint is sending me a HTC Touch Diamond, and my wife is going back to a Blackberry.
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    I have owned the Treo 300, 600, 700p and now 800. This is hands down the WORST of the lot. I have lost a ton of functionality by "upgrading". Even the most basic functions like outlook synchronization and e-mail do not work reliably. Call volume and audio quality are terrible. Speaker phone is lousy. Battery life is OK as long as you don't use any of the phone's features. GPS is useless. No 3.5mm audio jack - WTF ?!?!?
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    I love my 800w. I came from a 700wx and am very pleased with the upgrade. The 800w does have some bugs that need to be addressed but almost all of them are minor (GPS and BT audio are NOT).
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    I have a love hate relationship with my 800w. It is a great phone, it just has a lot of issues. I don't plan on getting rid of it any time soon though. I am not the type that switches phones all the time. I am in it for the long run.

    I hope that Sprint releases an Android phone eventually. I have 23 months though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yirk View Post
    inoma Play has a ton more features but I wish it was as stable as Kinoma Player on the Centro.
    I don't know of any general stability issues with Kinoma Play, so if you're seeing any on your device please contact support. (Thanks!)

    -- Charles Wiltgen
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles@Kinoma View Post
    I don't know of any general stability issues with Kinoma Play...
    I have not noticed any stability issues with the free version on my Treo 800w, but I can't say I know what others are using it for. For what I use it for it's been good and solid.

    And contrary to what was mentioned as "Con" in the review, you don't have to use Task Manager to close it. It has its own "Exit" option, but perhaps the TC reviewer didn't see it.
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    Well, I was so cotton pickin happy with the 800w, that I took it back to Sprint today and reactivated my 2 and a half year old 700p.

    After 10 weeks with 800w, rebooting the phone 5 times just to get it in Sprint service this morning was the last straw. It's pretty bad when my $99.00, one year old Sprint Centro is totally reliable and this 800 is some other, well, piece of work.

    I depend on having a phone, or a device that is at least usable for basic functions like phone calls for my business.

    I didn't mind doing the registry edits, playing with software to see what would work, or that it was a Windows Mobile device. The 800's inability to function as a basic phone platform wasn't getting it for me.

    I did ask Sprint before giving it back, if there was any kind of Sprint firmware update coming out anytime soon. The reply was "no" I also told them that I believe my issues, as well as other peoples issues were related to the possibility that it was a dropped Verizon phone, which Sprint picked up. They did not disagree with my theory. And did not say anything more about it.

    The 800w was my first venture into a WinMo device, and maybe the last. If Palm or Sprint comes up with some kind of fix for the thing, maybe I'll take another look. I really hope the Palm Nova, if it comes out, won't be this bad.

    Feeling good now, like I dumped the monkey on my back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell View Post
    And contrary to what was mentioned as "Con" in the review, you don't have to use Task Manager to close it. It has its own "Exit" option, but perhaps the TC reviewer didn't see it.
    Good point! I'll contact the reviewer and see if he'll update that bit of the review.

    -- Charles Wiltgen
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    Man, this thread is was tough read. I thought I had harsh words about my two 800's a few months ago. It's either "I love it" or the "worst phone ever."

    The fact that Palm gave up with updating the device after the USB CAB says a lot. You know Sprint dropped the Q9C awhile ago because of warranty returns. Its back and more stable with WM 6.1 now. How many of us are on our 2nd or even 3rd device?
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    At first, I wasn't thrilled about the 800w -- but after switching to 96 dpi, installing ultimatelaunch and phonealarm, the phone is just as quick to do things as my old 755p was and looks nicer too. I also absolutely love the GPS since I'm lost all the time.

    Like everyone else, my main gripe is the battery. I have to charge the thing all the time and once it drains of battery, I have problems getting it to come back to life. Also the lack of a standard headphone jack sucks.

    But all in all, I'm happy with it.
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    Far too buggy. GPS problems, earpiece problems, speakerphone problems, battery problems, LCD brightness probelms, screen size problems and stability problems are just too much. It does have a nice keyboard but that's about it.
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    Since I gave the 800 back to Sprint yesterday, I did NOT have to reboot my old 700p one time to make or receive phone calls, or connect to data.

    No pop up saying "phone connection failure, please reboot your phone"

    No data connection failure saying to check connections and try again.

    Rebooting the 800w 3 to 6 times a day just to use the phone was becoming full time employment.

    I actually had three 800w units, and all had the same phone radio connection issue. none of the three 800's would roam on any cell service, except for Verizon. I think the former Verizon, now Sprint 800w was happy to be calling home

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles@Kinoma View Post
    I don't know of any general stability issues with Kinoma Play, so if you're seeing any on your device please contact support. (Thanks!)

    -- Charles Wiltgen
    Hi Charles. I've been meaning to send something to support but time kept getting away from me.

    When I am listening to a podcast streaming for a while, the backlight goes off as it should to save battery. When I hit the red button on the 800w to wake it up, it sends Kinoma into the background and displays the today screen. Problem is it totally bugs out the Treo causing it to act like it maxed out on memory or something because the Treo becomes super sluggish where it can take 30+ seconds to respond to key strokes. As such, getting Kinoma back to the forground and then going through the seven key strokes necessary to exit out of the player takes ages. I usually just pop the battery out to reset it at that point.

    As the default 800w red button behavior is to send the device to the today screen.I did the registry hack to change this behavior thereby avoiding the above problem.

    The big problem is listening to my podcasts through the Palm micro usb to mono 2.5 adapter. The podcasts will play fine until the Treo goes to sleep, at which time I get an incredibly loud pop sound and the audio stops. Hitting the red button wakes the Treo up again and sometimes the playing will start again until the screen goes off again.

    Playing through bluetooth stereo in my other car has no problems. Maybe it is a hardware problem with the 800w and not anything Kinoma can control?

    I'll email support too.
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