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    I have been searching for some good skins, but have had no luck. Does anyone know a good place for 800w compatible skins are? I tried the IPhone one, and its ok, bit won't show a picture of the CD. I also tried the IPod one, but it shows a black strip on the right side so it only utilizes 2/3 of the screen. Any help?
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    I didn't have much luck finding any 320x320 ones so I made my own. I wanted to make it match my other screens and remove all the buttons except the trackbar since I can control everything I wanted with the phone buttons.

    Microsoft has a tutorial page which helps.

    I used the file for the default skin and modified it. The files on the phone are tagged as system files in the windows folder so you can't normally see them, I just copied them to new files without the system tag. I put the new files into the wmp folder.

    Also, the default skin doesn't display anything if there isn't album art available. I just put some text on there but you can put an image. It just has to be the same size or smaller than the album art or the album art won't cover it up.

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    Also, if you go by the tutorial, you may be able to modify the ipod and iphone ones you downloaded to look the way you want. You can look at the default one to see how the album art is displayed.
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