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    Anyone know what exactly this means? When I run this program it says I have 45 notifications. When I check the box and hit cleanup, every other category clears to 0, but notifications stay the same. Any help?
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    i have the same problem
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    Same here and the same with another application I use. I have found that running the utility does make it possible to reliably use the alarm(s), but the problem still remains.
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    I have the same problem. It does not clear the notifications. Somebody here has to know what's going on. Help please.
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    It's a continuing OS problem. If you want the device to be "regular," you just gotta clear these pesky things out manually with an application similar to PMClean, MemMaid or SKTools.
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    What are these notifcations anyways?
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    Launching of application events, such as clock events, backup events, events that do whatever.

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