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    Hi for those who have a mac, how do you set up the connection with missing sync? i'm trying to sync everything with my microsoft entourage but i keep on getting an error saying "Error on last sync. See log." Anyone know what i'm doing wrong?
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    do they have a trial version
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    no i don't think so, you have to buy it for $40
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    Went thru issues myself. Have you had any luck yet?
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    Not sure if I can, since I uea PC with Windows XP. I experience syncing problems if I don't have Outlook running, since I don't use Outlook as my default email program. I use Becky. So try starting Outlook, before you sync.
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    I use it with no problems but is was a little tricky to set up using Entourage. Which version are you using? I have 2008 and had to google the work-around. Do a google search for "entourage 2008 missingsync". You essentially have to sync to Entourage THRU ical/addressbook but I dont remember exactly how. I only know it works (now).
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    i gave up on missing sync and switched to syncmate. it's free to sync contacts and calendar and connects via usb. bluetooth is much more convenient but it would work sometimes and not work sometimes.

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