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    I just got the free trial and when looking at my menu when i open the explorer, I don't see my registry or how to access the registry editor, please help. or if you could let me know a direct link to a nice free registry editor. I tried to download total commander but when i downloaded the pocket pc versioin i got an incompatable error, could someone help, or type a link to the download, thank you
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    I think you also have to download the resco reg add-on.

    Resco Explor is a cool app, I have it.
    But an Free alternative to Resco is phm:
    Just call me Berd.
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    With Resco Explorer 2007, you get the Resco registry editor from the install.exe.

    With Resco Explorer 2008, you can download the Resco registry editor by going to Menu, Options and to Add-Ins to download the plugin to your device.

    I can't find the PHM Registry Editor link right now. But you can Google it. Download the file to your device and install, NOT the msi file.

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