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    Has anyone experienced their Pro resetting when you use your camera? I changed the settings to Super Fine Quality and the phone froze up. I changed the settings to store the pictures to the Storage Card and the phone froze up. Once I returned everything to factory settings, it worked fine.
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    It seems as if this problem only occurs when you take a picture in extremely bright light. I wonder if the exposure control gets overloaded?
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    i don't have a card yet, but I have had my camera on superfine since day one. I just shot several pictures, one into the sun and no issue. I wonder if writing to the card is an issue.
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    If it's just happening with card then I might suggest:
    Just call me Berd.
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    I thought it might be the card but I changed the settings to have it write to the main memory and it locked up again. The only constant was that the object I was shooting was in very, very bright sun.

    Palm thought it might be the card (using a 1GB card) as well. We tried the camera indoors with the card and without and no problems were experience. After I got offline with Palm, I went outdoors, snapped another shot and whammo! The phone locked up and reset itself.

    After it reset, I took another picture in a shaded area and no problem. I'll touch base with Palm tomorrow and see if they have any better insight.

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