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    For some reason my battery wont go past 11-13%. I had it sitting on the charger last night and it only made it up to 13%. It has been on the charger all day and it is only at 11%. The phone says that it is charging but it just wont go up and stay up. Is the battery fried or could there be something else?
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    I think the issue is with the charger or the micro usb plug. I was able to get it to charge with the wall charger at one point. But now it wont charge with it.

    If the problem does end up to be the micro usb hard will it be to get it replaced?
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    You have insurance and they will replace the phone if its defective.
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    I figured out that it is the battery. I swapped my battery with my girlfriends Centro and it gave me no issues. I ordered a new one from ebay. I have been able to get it to charge up to 55% now. Although it has been on the USB charger for almost 48 hours.

    I am gonna see if I can get the Sprint store to give me an extra battery when I go to get it replaced. It is nice that the batteries are swappable with the Centro.

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