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    what is the best and hopefully free, software to read ebooks, and are all ebooks, from ebooks and ereader, compatible on software or does each have it's own? or will something preloaded work? like adobe?
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    eReader is free and what I have used for years. I got away from Adobe Reader back in the Palm OS days due to compatibility issues. I have it on the 800W and it is ok. There are different formats though to choose from.
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    HaaliReader, AL Reader,both are one of best reader on wm for txt, chm, pdb, hlp,,,,,,
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    I use Mobipocket Reader on my pocket PC, available from Haven't tried it on my Treo Pro yet. I suggest you do a little research if you're interested because there seems to be some issues with the 320 x 320 resolution of the Pro. When I get my Pro, I'm going to install it and report back.

    They also have an additional program called Mobipocket Creator. This program enables you to take many text formats (txt. doc, html, pdf, etc.) and create an ebook. Works great.

    Of course, provides a LOT of ebooks for $$$. But there are plenty of free ebooks out there, if you do some research.
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    I have read electronic books on my handheld devices for more than 9 years - started way back in the day on my Palm Vx, with what was then called Peanut Press (now called ereader, also later bought by FictionWise). If I were to total all my purchases (something I don't want my wife to do or know about!) I know it would be well over $1000. Yike.

    Right now I'm using ereader's WM version on my 800w and I have no trouble at all with a 320x320 screen (in fact none of the apps I used on my 700wx have had ANY issues on my 800 - I don't get all the hubbub about 320x320 but whatever). What's really nice about ereader is their WM device app has a really cool on-the-fly over the air purchasing process - all built in to the reader. - can't beat it. They've also recently launched a mobile version of their website which also allows OTA purchasing. (kinda redundant with the device app, but - whatever).

    Scope it out....
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    I am using eReader. It has the WM, Palm & iPhone version. So I can read my ebooks from my Treo, Centro and iPod Touch.
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    I use Plucker on my 680. Simple and quick and most important for me... there's always a plucker version of an ebook in

    They've got a WM version. I have no idea if it's any good.
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