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    This is probably a simple one but I'm stumped...

    I'd like to use my WM6 Treo for access to the web on my laptop while at work (probably via ICS over BT or USB). However, it doesn't seem to work if my laptop's connection to the work LAN is active. If I disconnect "Local Area Connection" for my work LAN connection (in Control Panel | Network Connections), ICS works fine and I can access the web via the Treo.

    It's almost as if the my web connection is forced to my work LAN instead of the the Treo's ICS (when the LAN connection is active). Any suggestions how to change that - so web always uses the Treo instead of the LAN connection?
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    Why would you want to use your Treo's ICS connection if your connected to a work LAN? My asumption is that you'd have much better speeds at work.
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    Well, the speeds at work aren't that great thanks to our pennywise-pound-foolish IT group. Also, we go through a proxy server. I don't like the idea of big brother watching over me.

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