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    I always have only 1 url in PIE history, anyone else?
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    can someone else with a TP please check and see if they have b browser history or browser cache. I'd lime to know if there is something wrong with my Treo
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    I have plenty in history
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    Plenty here too.
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    Got History here also
    Just call me Berd.
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    I figured out that when I reset the device that is when my cache and history are cleared.

    Is it that way for anyone else?
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    I hard reset to see if it was a software conflict and no,,,,,,,, on a clean, vanilla device I lose all my history and cache each time I exit PIE. Is my treo actually messed up?
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    That is so weird.
    You're right james!
    If I exit PIE and then Reset, I lose my Browsing History.
    I wonder if there's a setting somewhere we're missing.
    Just call me Berd.
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    It would nice if a few more like scotty and others would try your little experiment to confirm this is a Bug.

    Exit - Fully Close PIE
    Then Reset.

    All browsing history gone!
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    will give it a shot in a sec...
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    no need to reset.. just close via task mgr and restart, you're right, browsing history is bye bye
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    Thanks for checking on that for me. This is definitely a bug

    I occasionally count on that browser history to find things days latter that I'd seen on the net and the browser cache speeds up PIE by about 30% I think.

    I hate the idea of loosing all data when PIE is closed. After days of browsing the net my cache was .2 megs....... definitely a glitch.

    Thanks for checking on that for me. I guess if this is a universal bug then there is no sense in returning mine. Thanks again.
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    Looks like a Bug alright.

    Anyone else?
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    I know there's a reg edit to have your IE cache save to the Card.
    I wonder if History can be saved to the Card, and if so, that will give us a 'work around' until Palm gives us a fix.
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    This has just been bugging me, so I did a search and found this thread.

    I had no history today yet again when I needed it, but when I saw this thread I realised I had done a soft reset yesterday.

    Is there any progress on this? Is it being fixed? Should it be part of the 'Official Bugs' thread?
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    I sent my treo pro back and now have the fuze. I could never get the GPS to work in the Treo Pro.

    The fuze has the same problem, after a soft reset,,,, no browser history

    Pocket internet Explorer is lousy anyway,,,,, I'll stick with Opera

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