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    Hello all. I've developed this new problem that I can't seem to find anybody talking about either here on these forums or even on a google search.

    Recently I've noticed that after sending any txt message to anybody, the messaging program will automatically close after that. it will even close if i'm trying to write a new message right after sending one. and it's not that the window focus is being lost, but the program is actually shut down (as confirmed by task manager). It's sort of like the messaging program crashes after each sending of a txt message? I guess not many people are having this problem since I can't find any discussions on it, but if anybody knows the solution I'd really appreciate it.

    I haven't installed any new programs recently but I do have installed TreoAlert and WeatherPanel, as well as other medical programs. Again any help appreciated. thanks.
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    I tried at first to purge old message from my inbox and that did not resolve my problems. However, after purging my sent items (~1200 items), the problem resolved. Just an FYI for those who might experience the same problem.

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