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    I've been checking task manager about twice a day. Almost every time I am seeing Activesync running. This despite the fact that I keep closing it, have a habit of resetting about 48 hours and sync perhaps once a week.

    My activesync settings are default. Any idea what might be behind this?
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    this happens to me also not sure why though. It is annoying as hell too.
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    I always see ActivSync running whenever I check Task Manager. I sync to my corporate Exchange server and had always thought ActivSync was running due to the wireless ActivSync required to sync with the Exchange server.

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    You can stop the "Notification Que" that starts Active Sync on "Time Change" using Memaid. If you have Memaid or get Memaid' post up and I'll get you thru it.
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    thanks bbossman. I will give it a shot with memaid
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    Another means to keep Activesync from starting, if you don't like it coming on when you don't need it: Keep Activesync Closed.
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    For clarification for those who are stumbling on this thread...

    ActiveSync is designed to be running all the time. Closing it (or forcing it closed) can cause problems (such as with synching).

    The 800w has tons of memory free, and I've not yet seen a good reason to keep ActiveSync closed. There have been some devices where it might make sense (700w, Mogul, possibly the new Sprint Treo Pro if the memory issues aren't resolved) but it's a non-issue on the 800w, GSM Treo Pro, Touch Pro, 700wx, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    Closing it (or forcing it closed) can cause problems (such as with synching).
    Not that this has been a real concern for me, but I've never had problems when I've forced ActiveSync closed. I used to close it a lot for a while when I had an 800w and never had a problem syncing. If closed, when a sync cable is inserted it starts. If someone is using it for over the air mail sync, then they would want to have it on at times they want to sync over the air.

    Personally, I don't try to keep it closed all the time any longer, but never had issues when I did try to always close it.
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