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    you are entitled for a 1 yr manufacturing warranty with palm, options are:

    ** repair and return **
    you need to ship phone to palm repair center
    TAT is 5-7 biz days
    will be paying for one-way shipping ONLY

    ** advance exchange **
    fixed charged of $25 + a surety amount of $400 (700p, 755p, 800w), $300 (centro) which will be release back within 7-10 days depending on banks policies
    TAT 3-5 days
    you would receive a replacement unit before you ship the defective one

    800w is not eligible for both options YET
    if 800w is deemed defective and sprint wont replace it
    call palm tech support... another option would be process (only for new phone releases) and issue would be escalated to L2 agents
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    SPRINT should be taking care of this. palm's contract with the carriers is that the 1 year warranty is taken care of by the carrier . I used to hate seeing customers getting messed over by sprint with 700wx's not fixing them during the 1st year if they did not have the 4 or 5 $ a month plan from sprint.

    Its a never ending battle between the 2. every now and then palm will replace a sprint treo during the 1 year in-warranty when the customer has gotten the run around for a few weeks. But this only makes matters worse for the customer. And we used to have to warn customers that the treo they receive will most likely not be in sprints system and it can take 5 to 15 days for sprint to get it into their system. then we would have to give the the sprint tech support to put ticket in for their phone lol.

    So trust me keep hounding sprint. I have had to read the link from palms web site to many sprint reps while I was at PALM .
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    Palm's website has conflicting information.
    This one says Sprint for in warranty and Palm for out of warranty.
    This one says Sprint for BOTH in warranty and out of warranty repairs.
    Either way, Palm can help. When you called, did you use the number for repairs: 877-426-3777 ?

    The second page also contains a link to a pdf that has the one year limited warranty from Palm. The warranty says "OBTAINING WARRANTY SERVICE: Customer must contact a Palm Technical Support or Customer Service center within the applicable warranty period to obtain warranty service authorization." So, Palm can't get the story straight apparently.

    Now then, Sprint normally offers the same warranty for ALL phones that they sell and it's usually 1 year for parts & labor. And, no, that does not mean that you have the luxury of taking it to one of their stores and getting it replaced or repaired with no problem. That service is now reserved for those that pay the monthly fees for insurance which may cover in-store repair (if you pay for that option). For those who choose to only have the standard "manufacturer's" 1 year warranty, you get to mail in the phone and wait for the replacement to arrive.

    At, it states that service is $0 for those with TEP or ERP and that for no coverage, the charge for PDAs is indeed $55.

    Now then, you can always submit a standard warranty claim for free using the Self Service Phone Replacement Tool at (just click the link in the middle of the page). That should take care of that for you!
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