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    sorry, I still have no clue how to install *.cab? and which folder to install into?

    I suppose we shall isntall *.cab not *.exe, right
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    Exe's install from your PC thru ActiveSync, what it actually does is temporarily copy the cab to your phone, installs, and then deletes cab.
    If you have a cab you want to install, just copy it to your phone, I copy it to my card.
    Once you have the cab on your phone, just browse to it, click it, and it should ask you where you want to install it. some apps work just fine installed on sd card, some don't.
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    CAB files are installed on the device via Active Stynk. You can Active Stynk via a USB cable or Bluetooth. You can even do it as an email attachment or use a card reader. The first 2 are probably the easiest way to do it. I use Bluetooth transfers exclusively.

    You can normally park the CAB file anywhere you so desire. I normally so desire placing CAB files on the card in the root directory. After copying the CAB file to the card (or device, really no difference in the steps), I then use File Explorer or a similar application and go ahuntin' for the file. Once the ahuntin' for the device is successful, I then tap the file and proceed to install the application.

    Upon tapping the application, you probably will receive an esoterical note about trust. I tap the yes, 'cause I trust everything. Anyway, after tapping the yes option, you will then be prompted to install to the device or the card. I generally install to the card and by the way, most applications will tell ya if it just has to be on the device. After installation is done, you can the rest assured that the CAB file may be deleted whenever you so desire, if you so desire.

    If it is an EXE file, those are not "expandable" files in the WM mobile whatever world. Just copy the EXE file to where ever you want it to live or copy it to the START folder and run it via the programs list from the start dining menu.

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    I should mention that no matter where you decide to install the app, you can keep the cab on your sd card for reinstalls if you ever do a hard reset.
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    after bclinger posted I thought I should clarify 1 more thing.
    There are 2 types of exe that you need to be concerned with.
    The one bclinger mentioned where it just executes from your treo, (no install needed) and then the other where you click on it at your pc and it copies the cab to phone, installs, and so forth as mentioned.
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    Your post was fine for the majority of users. As a note, you really need to invest in a backup utility. The Sprite backup utility does ok; however, I had a few bad backups with it. I ended up with SPB Backup. A backup application means that if you should ever have to execute a hard reset, you can restore the device to the condition it was at when a specific backup was made and that means those wild CAB files are not needed once the application is installed to the device. Applications installed to the card are for the most part not affected by a hard reset.
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    I thought it would be good to have these posts here in this thread.
    They're from cody's thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by caseyne View Post
    I was logged in on my desktop. I got it to work on my Pro. I used my Pro to download it straight to the phone and installed it that way. It worked great, had no problems. Downloading to desktop I still have the same problems.
    I unziped it and got two files. One that says its a XML Document and the other says its 000 File. Neither of these are exe. files.
    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Ah, that's the problem.
    You don't need to unzip cabs.
    Only if they have a zip extension ( *.zip )
    the *.cab can be copied as is from your desktop to your device, and then installed from there.
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    This is a great thread. I think I will install all my apps on my Micro SD Card from now on!
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    The installation program will prompt you if the application has to be in main memory or will run better in main memory. I put almost everything on the card AND save the CAB files for later play time in a folder on the card called "CAB."

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