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    I saw a post a few days ago pointing out call waiting BT issues.

    I think it is a BT problem in general. I have had the Pro since Friday night so I didn't rush to post ... i wanted to test a few different headsets first.

    When using a BT headset on a call .... answer another call ... hang up with the second caller to go back to the original who has been on hold and .... silence ... no sound ... call is still active but dead silence. Have to hang up and call the person back.

    I have also just lost calls using BT without call waiting interrupting. I'll be talking, then no sound coming from the BT headset or the device earpiece.

    I am a heavy ph user on the road most of the day so this is killing me.

    I will say the call quality is so good that i don't mind going bluetoothless....but with all the time in my car I may have to go back to my Q9h.
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