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    I have the family talk/share/data 1500 with two phones. I just added a third line at the Sprint Store and they're charging me 20 bucks for the line. I was wondering if I can negotiate that down with e-care, but I wanted to get an idea of what others were being charged so I could ask for it.

    Anyone else get a better deal from them on the plan?
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    i gave it a try..... did not work.......
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    i didnt get them to cut any of the price down, but ive gotten pick 3 on all 3 lines and 6pm n&w along with my 15% discount.
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    I pay $10 on a legacy plan.
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    Well, when I bought my 800w, Sprint voluntarily offered to increase my minutes and put both my lines into a family plan, which saves me about $70.00 a month from what I was paying without both lines in a family plan.

    Now, my Centro and 800 are a family....

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