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    Something about the 700wx.. I don't have it handy at the moment. I want to say its related to the PRI reset thingy I was investigating (I did a ##RTN# recently, and my Power Vision wouldn't provision, so Sprint support told me to ##PRI# (and then my dorm's fire alarm went off. the wonders of college life), which fixed it all). What exactly does the PRI reset do anyway? Do you know?
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    Quote Originally Posted by techfury90 View Post
    Excellent news. I'm curious, is said program InfoSoft/Spirent PST with some kind of DLL, or have they moved away from that?
    We have moved to a different vendor but it is still the same basic .dll structure of the InfoSoft System you speak off. I really wish that old program was still around but I feel to many people were probably doing things they were not suppose to be doing with it and this is why we have moved to the new, more locked down system of updating phones. It happened almost a year after the merger and all the computers with the old program were either replaced or re-imaged. I can still access/change things with the new program but it nowhere near as easy..
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    Yeah, I'm honestly not surprised they would drop something like that. Explains why I was updating my BB 8330 with the 7250C DLL though, since nothing newer was available...
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