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    wussup treocentral, this is chirpme704 im new to the site so im just givin a shout. i cant wait for the treo pro 2 hit the deck so i can buy it, maybe on here if the someone has it and its the unlocked version is. but i was really stoppin by to see if anyone knows what my old co worker did to my phone i love it to death!!! I used to work for sprint call center in charlotte nc i ran in to this cat "Master Lu" <big ups> he unlocked my i930 for me and put some little light program so my led changes colors, months later i get a treo 700wx with my discount that had a different # at the time. i gets fired from there and i had my $0 dollar plan, that means i have all options for free talk txt net i had it for 2 yrs after i was let go. DAMN sprint!! preciate it. but thats for my nextel now after i was fired i just let my treo get disconnected. months later i didnt want my nextel with the $0 plan i wanted to use my treo for the net and windows stuff. long story short i port my nextel # over to sprint dig this the nextel still works with the sim card, even in other phones!!!! but i cannot chirp, and if someone calls me my treo will ring. if my treo dies the nextel wont ring it goes str8 to vm. caller id shows same # and everything. i can call other people from either phone at the same time. any takers??
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