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    Perhaps it's like this with all WM devices, but the Treo 800w being my first it's pretty neat.

    Whenever I've got the USB sync/charge cable connected with ActiveSync, anytime I try to connect to the Internet on my Treo 800w it uses the ActiveSync connection instead of trying to use Sprint's connection. I did a speed test and came up with 928 kbit/sec. Which is faster than I get with EVDO anywhere I've been, but slower than when I use my home WiFi connection.

    I know none of my old Palm devices could use the sync cable for internet in this way. So this is like a new cool feature. I think when advertising the Treo 800w, they should have mentioned Internet via EVDO, WiFi and ActiveSync.

    Can anyone using BT ActiveSync use it for an Internet connection and if so, what speeds do you get?
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    Yes, this is standard for all WM devices as far as I've seen. Don't know about BT speeds, but assuming you have a BT 2.0 adapter on your computer, the max speed is 3.0 Mbps, with realistic speeds being around 2.1 Mbps (according to Wikipedia), which would translate to about 268 KBps. Don't know if the Treo would actually be able to saturate that bandwidth, but that's more than enough for speedy browsing and youtubing.
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    I'm getting 727.90 kbps using BT
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