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    We are Mobile Stream, developer of USB Modem and several games - arkanoid, jigsaw puzzle, virtual casino

    Now we are looking for beta-testers with Treo 800w device to help us in beta-testing our software.

    We'll give free versions for your help.

    Those willing to help can contact us at support(at)mobile-stream(dot)com - USB Modem, Card Reader, Games etc.
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    email sent
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    Yea i sent out an email as well.

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    sending an email now
    700WX -> 800W -> Touch Diamond -> Pre?
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    email sent
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    Thanks to those who showed interest and contacted us.

    It's great that Treo 800w is so popular!

    We have found beta-testers, all those who have sent us e-mail have already received or will receive our reply soon.

    The thread is closed. - USB Modem, Card Reader, Games etc.
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    i've also sent you an email

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