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    Is there any reason we couldn't find an adapter with the data pins shorted? Meaning instead of having to alter chargers or cables, have a USB adapter with them shorted in it? That would allow us to use any USB charging option, even borrow a quick charge from a friend without altering the devices...
    Certainly. Just look for a charger that is labeled as high current/ high output power. Most of the latest ones are enabled this way. I do know that this Motorola charger is one of the best out there.

    To measure if a charger has the data leads shorted you may need a multimeter (they sell them at RadioShack for $20 or so). Set it to measure continuity and probe the two inner pins in the USB connector. If the multimeter makes a sound then bingo, you have the right charger.
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    I did look for the high higher and it must be 1 AMP. However, the original one that they sent me didnt work and I ask for return. Then they ask what PDA phone I am using and they ship another one. Its the same charger but the one I got yesterday works. I guess it short the to it.

    Just probe the two inner pins? I'll do that.
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    I can confirm that the BoxWave VersaCharger and their mini-sync do work as they are supposed to
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    I have a Monster power strip with a USB charger. Using original Palm cables, it sometimes charges (trickle?) and sometimes does not charge my STP. Anyone have any idea why it works only some of the time?
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    I think the charging issue has something to do with the level of charge in the phone. If my phone charge gets too low the only way to charge it is via the charger that came with the phone. It happens 100% of the time when I get the warning my phone is under 10%. But I have several Micro USB cables so I can charge where ever I am. But I also bought a belkin 3 port surge protector with 2 usb ports and I always do a soft reset before plugging it in. Try the soft reset before charging.
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