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    I'm having an issue with contact / company searching on my Pro, With my old 750 I could start searching from the Today screen and it would find matching companies and contacts

    To find John Smith I'd type Jo[space]Sm and get John Smith or if I need to call the main switch at ABC Company I'd type ABC and match ABC Company

    However with the Pro it will only find matching contacts and not companies, unless I go through the process of launching the contact app and then changing the sort order to Company rather than Contracts.

    Does anyone know of a way to bring back the 750's method of searching ?
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    Here is what one lazy person does:

    In the name field I enter the name of the company and the name of the human associated with it:
    Honolulu Ford Donald Duck

    I leave the company field blank

    In the File as: set it with the first/last name/company name.

    Then test it from the front end. The test is done: name of company: Honolulu or Ford

    then by name: stupid or duck

    If there are multiple humans you wanna keep track of at the same number/company or whatever, I set them up exactly the same way and just change the name on the first line, the rest stays the same.

    A little play time will show you how easy it is. Again, hang the company name in the company name field.
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    Thanks for the suggestion but not an option for me as I sync approx 1500 contacts from my company CRM into Outlook.

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