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    Has anybody been able to get their phonebook to download into their BMW car kit. I can pair the phone but only some of the contacts download.
    Speeddials do not transfer at all. My car is a 335 with nav.
    Any suggestions?

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    Mine is just the opposite. Only the speed dials transfer.
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    I was pleased to find that the Pro worked perfectly with my Garmin Nuvi 760, including the phonebook transfer. This did not work with my Treo 750. I have seen that "car kits" seem to be hit or miss with various phones - I don't know why that should be.
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    My understanding is this:

    1. The BMW Bluetooth Module can only handle a couple hundred addresses.
    2. Previous versions of the Treo (I have a 750) used Windows Mobile 6.0 which only syncronized those addresses in speed dial to the BMW Module.
    3. The Treo Pro uses Windows Mobile 6.1 which syncronizes all contacts you have on the phone to the BMW Module.

    The problem which I've encountered is if you have more than a couple of hundred contacts, the BMW only grabs the first couple hundred, so my address book in the car only contains the first several letters of the alphabet.

    The solution would be to downgrade the OS in the Treo Pro to Windows Mobile 6.0, which I understand can't be done.

    Thus, I think unless someone has a great idea out there, you can use the Treo Pro with a BMW only if you have a small address book. Otherwise, you're out of luck I think.

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