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    My new messaging message setting always reverts back to Alarm Beep (barely audible). Several times I have changed it to Alarm Triangle, but it won't seem to stick.

    What gives?
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    Dude! I have that too! I notice it happens when I'm on the phone and many many messages come in that I don't acknowledge. In order to set it back to my chosen alert tone I have to do a soft reset.
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    Yep, same here. I can't figure out what the hell the issue is... it's like a fluke.
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    Same here. I am using Treo Alert Pro 8.2 (14) and thought it to be the culprit, but I'm not sure so I didn't post it as a bug.
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    Yeah... have been using Treo Alert Pro as well. Just upgraded to the latest version.
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    I suppose it could be Treo Alert Pro....maybe we should mention it in that thread, or hope Hannip happens onto this one.
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    I don't use treoalert and I have this problem as well. I notice that it happens after I take the phone off of vibrate (move the switch on the top to the left). I have to go into the task manager and kill the messaging app and then change the sound for it to take effect. Between this issue and the disappearing battery status icon/speaker icon in its place, this phone frustrates me!

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