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    I am coming back to the 800w, but it wont arrive to later this week; I'm excited finally can copy and paste calendar appointments. My 8330 BlackBerry can't do that. I remember with my 700wx if you soft reset the device right after it got a text message you would lose it. The worst was when the phone said 1 text message from the home screen, but it was frozen. After the soft reset you lose that text message. Does this bug still occur?
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    I've never had that on my 700wx or my 800w.
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    Theoretically it could happen, but it'd involve a lot of bad luck and bad timing.
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    I've never had ithappen on my 700wx or 800w. Maybe if you immediately perform a soft reset as soon as new message indicator turned on and the message hasn't been completely written onto the file yet, it could. But I've had new txt messages on my 800w, soft reset later, and the message would still be there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gksmithlcw View Post
    I've never had that on my 700wx or my 800w.
    same here
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    I've had this happen on my 700wx, but I believe that was because over time my system memory would get low and it really couldn't commit the messages to storage. So when I did a soft reset, sometimes I'd be missing SMS messages alongside Emails. I think it *may* have happened with the 800w once or twice but it could have also been email with the Seven application. Dont remember.

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