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    I added a contact in my phone and when i went to sync it didnt update in the outlook, i have looked at all the settings is there something i have overlooked??
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    Is it still on your device?
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    Are you sure the Contacts box is checked in ActiveSync?

    When you performed ActiveSync did you see the change? It will show the number of changes for each item. Like Contacts, Calander, Mobile Favorites, etc.
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    yes it is still on my device and the contacts box is checked in the settings. i had a treo 755p prior and i just installed active sync and synced it up, im not sure why the ones i add on my treo dont get added to my contacts in outlook, the cal, tasks and notes, do
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    <sigh> I hate active stink.
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    sometimes with active sync you just have to uncheck everything sync. then add the contacts check back first by it self and sync. then add the other pimm data.
    I don't understand why it works but it does alot of the time. last result delete active sync profile in the treo and on the pc. make sure all profiles on the pc are gone. then create a new one but don't sync any pimm data the 1st time . then add contact s 1st and by itself.

    When I was in tech support I used to it alot , most often when people had several hundred or a few thousand contacts.

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