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    I apologize if this is a tired subject, but I have spent several hours on this site and others searching for answers. I have an 800w and I'm really disappointed in the headphone/music/volume situation. I have tried two approaches here and neither is proving very fruitful. I have modified the stock headset adapter to add a female 3.5 mm plug for use with real headphones. This worked and the sound is ok, but not nearly loud enough. I also purchased a Jabra BT3030, which works, but sounds terrible. It sounds 'digitized' and slightly garbled. I even tried this with someone else's 800w and it still sounded bad. And, in an effort to eliminate the BT3030 as the culprit, I tried it on my old 700wx and it sounded fine (though still not loud enough)! Ughhh!

    So, I looked around for registry tweaks for increasing the stereo headset volume or something to adjust the BT audio settings, but found nothing specific. I found a tweak to increase the ringer volume, which worked too well (just for the ringer though), and I found a "" file, but until I'm sure it will help with my specific problem, I'm hesitant to try it.

    I have seen many others asking for assistance with these issues. Can someone help? Please? I'm getting ready to box up the BT3030 and send it back--- and maybe the 800w!

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    Yes, the file helps quite a bit, and for quality, you should review Hannips A2DP mortscript - I have the BT3030 w/these two mods on my 800w, and the sound is quite good.
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    Incredible. I just installed the A2DP script. The BT audio sounds much much better!

    One follow-up question. Will the file help with the volume for wired and BT?

    Thanks a bunch--- (and to hannip as well!).
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    It will only improve bluetooth because it increases the bitpool value.

    See the chart on page 21 of the A2DP spec @

    The bitpool can be set manually, as I did, by editing values in HKLM\Software\ Microsoft\Bluetooth \A2DP\Settings
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    I use 2 head sets: Blue Ant Z9i for calls and the Motorola HT820 for stereo music.

    Without any registry tweaks, using the above devices with the 800w straight out of the box, I have no problems with volume.

    In fact the Z9i can be quite loud and is the first and only bluetooth headset where I don't always have the volume on maximum.


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