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    Just thought I'd make a new thread for this. Anybody who has a Treo Pro feel free to add a couple lines so everybody else can get the idea of the Treo Pro.

    I've had mine for 3 days now and just want to throw down some comments on the device. I'm coming from an AT&T Motorola Q9h and a VZW 700wx prior to that.

    Things that I like:

    Form factor of the device is exterior detail is excellent. Screen is pretty bright and added size / resolution make its really nice.

    Look and feel definitely exudes a quality good looking device.

    Software is pretty much run of the mill Windows mobile 6.1 Speed seems good etc etc.

    Battery life is pretty good, I can certainly get through a whole day, I'm pretty sure I can make it through 2 days. Similar to my Q9.

    GPS works well. I'm using Copilot 7 and Google Maps. Both seem to get a GPS fix pretty quickly.

    3.5" headphone jack is nice, your regular old normal headphones will work without adapters.

    Bluetooth radio seems good, my existing wireless headsets and headphones all work as expected.

    Voice quality sounds good. the moto Q9 was very good and voice, and the Treo Pro seems to match it in this respect.

    Web surfing is significantly better then most devices, renders pages nicely and big screen makes it easy to look at in full screen mode. I'm using IE 6.

    Data Speed seems really good. Not sure if something was wrong with my MotoQ9 the best I could get was 300-700k on that device. Treo Pro has never scored less then 600k and I seen speeds up to 1400k. That's impressive imo.

    Things that I don't like:

    The keyboard: The keyboard is substantially smaller then a Q9. If you are a HEAVY user of the keyboard, I would seriously reconsider buying this device.

    The device is pretty slick and shiny. Fingerprints smudges and the like will be seen. Using the device isn't a big deal though because the screen shines right through.

    Stupid MicroUSB. Why couldn't Palm stick to MiniUSB like everyone else? I travel with a portable hard drive that's Mini, and a digital camera which is mini. Now the phone has to be different.

    Windows Mobile Pro is inherently more difficult to use. I wish it was as easy as smartphone to do navigation and stuff through the user interfaces.

    Stylus is pretty short, not as nice as the old Treo 600, 650, 680, 700, etc series.

    All things considered I'm pretty happy with it so far. The only deal breaker for most people will be the keyboard and the price I think.
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    How is the reception compared to the Q9? I've had a few WM phones such as the BJ, Ipaq 6945, SMT5600, Tilt and none have worked very well inside my house. I bought a Q9 off ebay since many users raved about the reception and it is very very good in my house, just miss the touchscreen feature... I had a Pro on preorder with Amazon, but canceled it until the price goes down and more reception reviews come in.


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    Reception has been much better than with the HP 910c or the Tilt (my prior 2 phones) in comparable areas. Bluetooth audio quality is great (whereas the prior phones were "fair" at best). The keyboard is not as good as some other phones (it is the one feature that I think the HP wins, hands down) but I'm already getting used to it. A slightly smaller keyboard is a small price to pay for an otherwise great phone.

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