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    I am coming back to Treo after a year off using the Mogul and BlackBerry Curve 8330. I am back. I am getting the 800w, it runs WinMo 6.1, but on the horizon is WinMo 7 do you think it will be offered or compatible with 800w.

    Personally I doubt it; because I left my 700w (Verizon) then 700wx (Sprint) after changing carriers because WinMo 6 never came meaning I would never get HTML emails. So I guess from Palm track record it will never happen, but maybe other have hear elsewise?

    The best thing about the Treo is that it can be considered the ThinkPad of phones; it is one well built thought out SmartPhone, hope my 800w coming next week will be the same as my 700 w/wx
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    integra144 - I enjoy the 800w, but if you're one who is not around a charger a lot, you might want to consider getting a spare battery or look at the 2600 Extended Battery. If you are in places where you can charge often, cool you'll be fine without any extra battery. You should get a car charger also.

    Windows 7 Mobile Delayed Until 2H 2009

    WM 7 has been pushed so far back, why worry about if it works on the 800w? You might want the Treo 1000w by the 2nd half of next year .

    Who knows if WM 7 will be supported on the 800w, but for what's available now (WM 6.1) the Treo 800w runs it well in my opinion.

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