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    After having this thing sitting in my shopping cart for 3 weeks I decided to hit the "buy" button. I have used every Treo since the day they came out way back when.
    I swore I would never buy another cell phone or Treo after my iphone last year. Still love my iphone but I'm getting that "itch" again. So here I am.....again! Boy, I hope I love it because my wife is ready to kill me. But being an AT&T employee and not having to pay for my monthly plan kind of makes up for it I guess.
    Ordered with overnight shipping so I hope I get it in a day or two. Hope everyone else is enjoying theirs because I know after placing this order I will start to hear about problems with it now in the forums.
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    the keyboard is itsy bitsy teeeeny weeeny.. and no tactile feel at all..
    Mine is going back.. dammmit! why can't they build a decent keyboard!!

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