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    That's it THANKS THANKS AND THANKS again.
    I had went to the phone settings but did not that check box I had to scroll down to see it.
    It is all working perfect now.
    Thanks again
    Wow. My little bit of knowledge actually helped out a bit.

    Funny thing is, my prior phone was the HTC 6800 and it was originally a nightmare to try and get the GPS functional. Thanks to the boy wonders at xda, I was able to get it working until the ROM update to 6.1 arrived. When I started to set up my Treo Pro, I initially had a GPS issue but I remembered that one step from over a year ago to check the location settings and make sure it wasn't 911 only.

    And the rest is history. lol...

    I'm glad I could help.
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    Nice find jtraveler.
    Who would of thought.
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    When 800w came out battery life was so low that that was a common suggested tweak, but I found the 911 only setting never did do much at all on the battery life.
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    so do u turn the 911 feature on or off?
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