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    The computer says ubs device not recognized and i have to to a soft reset everytime to get it to sync again, it did not do this before. any ideas?
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    1) Make sure your Treo 800w is not on the USB cable connected to the PC.
    2) Open the ActiveSync application on your PC.
    a) Select from the Menu File -> Delete Mobile Device. (If this is grayed out, just move on to step 3, but be certain to check if this is not grayed out first. If it's not grayed out, select it and delete whatever Mobile Device it has setup. Often even when the connection is not working ActiveSync creates one that needs to be deleted.)
    3) In your Treo go into Programs -> ActiveSync.
    a) Select from the Menu -> Options.
    b) Fully delete any and all PCs listed.

    Once you're certain the Treo is clean of any PCs for connection and you're sure that your PC is clean of any Devices for connection, insert the sync cable into the Treo and it should start like a new connection and work fine. You'll have to re-specify some sync details again, as you have done last time you set up the initial connection, but your connection will work and should work OK after that.

    Also, make sure you have the Treo 800w USB and Battery Charging Update.

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