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    I'm pretty sure certain applications are the cause of this. You can try the acbTaskMan program to monitor what processes consume most cpu/power:
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    you might want to take a look here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderlegs View Post
    Also, i noticed that my charger charges my phone to 100% and then it slowly drops. For example, after all night charging, it is only charged to about 94-95%. I have watched it in the office go to 100%, light go green and then slowly drops its %, almost like it is not charging at all at this point and it was sitting on the desk unplugged. Is this normal, I do not remember this condition with any other phone i have had. Seems that if it was plugged in, it would stay at 99-100%.
    I began to suspect something was wrong after I realised I normally find it around 96% the moment I unplug it from the charger in the morning.

    I've just carried out a bit of a test and it seems to charge up to 100%, at which point the charge light turns green but the battery icon still shows it as 'charging'.

    But it is actually no longer charging at the full rate, and the % charge then gradually reduces, though the light remains green. For those who charge overnight, the only time a Treo has 100% charge would appear to be somewhere around 2am!

    This could be a severe problem if you should leave your Treo on charge for a few days as, unless there is a 'trigger point' which activates the charging cycle again, it could well have a flat battery when you return home.
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    This is EXACTLY what I have noticed as well. Any battery experts out there. Could this actually be damaging the battery?

    This actually seems like a clear bug.
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    Whoa! I didn't notice that before. I *think* it starts to charge again at around 96% because I saw it rise from 96% to 97% with green charging light.
    I accidentally pulled out the cable though, so I'm not sure.
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