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    So I've been watching all sorts of videos on youtube about this phone. what I have noticed is that there is no lookup field for contacts on the today screen. I have a 750 and that function besides the threaded texted messaging (which the pro doesn't have as well) where the best features on the 750. now why didn't palm include them on there flagship device?
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    On the today screen you can just start typing. It automatically finds the contacts that match.
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    Yes, that is same as on the 750 when the lookup field is hidden (setting in preferences).

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    Yes, that is same as on the 750 when the lookup field is hidden (setting in preferences).

    Actually, it defaults to the standard WM6.1 dialer/contact lookup now; the contact search from today is now gone. I'm personally ok with this as I believe that the standard WM6.1 dialer is actually superior as you can dial names or numbers and it'll match it up to your contacts. Plus, the Treo 750 contact lookup from Today was buggy.
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    I have been curious about contact lookup as well. I recently had a Motorola Q9 that I replaced with an iPhone which will be replace by the Treo Pro. I despise the iPhone phone application and the poorly implemented MS Exchange support.

    Can anyone tell me how WM 6.1 touchscreen phones without hard keyboards (HTC Diamond, HTC Touch, Samsung Omnia, etc) handle contact lookup? Can you type on the soft number pad and it will look up a contact alphanumerically or will it only search for the phone number? I am not a fan of the "flick" scrolling and I want to be able to type a name and find the contact. I have been a "smartphone" user for the last few years I no longer remember phone numbers.

    I hope my question makes sense.
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    Reading some of the other posts in the thread would answer your question JD.

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