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    I am a heavy Treo 750 user that has been eagerly awaiting the Treo Pro. I'm on AT&T. I regularly tether my 750 to my laptop while I'm out and about. Right now, it's easy since I have the AT&T stuff loaded on my phone. If I buy a non-AT&T Treo Pro, can I still set up this tethering capability?

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    It should be transparent as any WM6.1 phone has the built-in modem capability, I am not quite sure how would you enable the device in Windows (need of drivers? Perhaps Palm can provide those) but it is possible. If you pay for the tethering services already with your 750 then you wouldn't have any issues.
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    I have not needed a driver for the desktop using 6.1 as long as active sync is installed. I just plug the phone in, launch internet sharing on the phone.

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