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    New to the whole Palm world here. This is my first foray back into palm hardware since the M100 I used as a basic scantool on my car.

    I picked this up from my mother's new husband, who got it off of Ebay. Problem is that it didn't come with the stock usb cable or the cd. I downloaded ActiveSync 4.5 from Microsoft and it came with a Rocketfish Palm usb charging and data transfer cable. When I pull up active sync it says that usb is good along with com 3 but it will not connect. Unfortunately neither my older desktop or laptop have IR or Bluetooth connectivity.

    Also my service is through Verizon and on my old LG enV I had their backup assistant downloaded from their "Get it Now" system that updated all 101 of my contacts online. Does anyone else know how to get that information from there without having to actually go into one of their stores or something?

    I'm not new to modding or hacking phones, I did alot of work on my old Motorola Razr, but this is a step up into unfamiliar territory and any assistance or even a link to a thread covering these issues would be great. Thanks alot.
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    Wanted to update this thread for the 127 who've read it.

    Contacts were switched by Verizon at one of their stores. Not sure how they did it and don't care really. At the same time I picked up their $30 unlimited data plan and ordered the factory usb cable.

    Compared to the rocketfish cable this has far fewer actual brass posts between the phone and the actual connector. The rocketfish connector is solid across where as the factory unit only has a few connections. Not sure if that was the entire problem or not, but as soon as I did a soft reset on the phone and plugged it in with the new cable it sync'ed immediately.

    Posting this while updating to WM6 actually.
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    Well after being on Palm Os forever I am giving WM a shot.
    It almost lost me but 2 programs saved it for me.
    magikblite (got too used to keycaps)
    quickmenu 2.7

    without these Im out.
    With em, wow cool stuff
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