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    I've realized that what I miss the most from the 750 is the photo speed dial. I've googled and found several different programs (e.g. Spb Phone Suite). But what I can't figure out is if there's a program that has the function from the 750 where you press and hold the speed dial and you see all the phone numbers associated with that contact, option to send text message, E-mail etc.

    I would really appreciate some advise!

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    Photo Contacts Pro
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    That exact function in SPB Mobile Shell works pretty good. Don't know if that's the same in SPB Phone Suite...

    But you click the photo and all the phone numbers show up of the contact you've clicked. Then you click the one you want and it rings it.

    This is unlike the function in HTC devices' photo dialer where you select one of the numbers as the default and it automatically rings that number when you touch the photo. Not sure which I like better, but I'm getting used to the SPB method now.
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    SPB Phone Suite does exactly as you ask. Click the contact - it dials what you've set as the primary number. Hold down and it pops up options to dial other numbers, send SMS, etc...
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    What about the todayspeedial cab that was posted in the other thread?
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    Thank you all! Now i just have to decide which one to get!

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    Marianne, which one did you get? The one I suggested works fine except with the higher resolution display the photos are quite a bit smaller than on my 750. I'd like to see a screen shot of the SPB layout with photos.
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    face contact.... they are working on updates too, just dont know when the new version is coming out
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    SPB Phone Suite doesn't work correctly on the Treo Pro yet, the icons for missing calls etc are not drawn, you just see numbers.
    (If you don't mind that, you can use it though.)

    Phone Weaver from SBSH does work a little better on 320x320 but the option screens are not fully working...

    I guess we'll have to wait a bit more until they all adapt to the 320x320 standard.
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    I've just downloaded the trial version of Photo Contacts Pro. It isn't made for 320x320 resolution, but as I'm only using the photo speed dial for the Today screen it's OK. First disappointment is that it sorts the speed dials alphabetically on last name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azlarry View Post
    What about the todayspeedial cab that was posted in the other thread?
    I've been looking for this thead, but I can't find it. Can you post a link?
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    I have now removed Photo Contacts Pro and installed SPB Mobile Shell. First impression is very good.
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    This app has notoriously slowed my Phone(s) down
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    Sorry I didn't post the link. I'm sure if you searched under the name it would come up. Looks like you're doing fine with SPB
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    I use face contacts, I like that once I click a face it gives me the options to call, email or sms. I really like it.
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    ETA, I can't find the post, the app is on my SD card as todayspeeddial, with the extra D. The wierd thing is that it does not come up on my remove programs area. I guess if I wanted to dump it I could just delete it off my SD card but very strange it doesn't show. It works well though......

    ETA Again, The actual program is TofClock TodayPlugin. The cab and program have different names. Anyway, it works fine. Sorry for the confusion.
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    I have now also tried Face Contact and I think it's great! Perfect for my needs! SPB Mobile Shell is very nice but it has way to much other stuff that I don't need. Thank you everyone for your replies!

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