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    I have a Treo 750V and I am considering getting a Treo Pro. What I would like to know is, what happens when you plug the Pro into your PC? Does it recognise that you already have a device that synchronises with your PC and does it copy over all your applications and set-up data etc.

    To put this into context, I use a program (mNotes from Commontime) that syncs my Lotus Notes mail file, address book, calendar and memo's. Will this automatically be copied over and set up or will I need to re-install and configure it. Also, I have three other email accounts set up on my 750V. Will all this configuration be copied over or will I need to manually re-configure each email account. Also, what about all the directories and files in my "My Treo Documents" folder. Will these automatically be copied over.....and what about my Mobile favourites in Internet explorer? etc. etc.

    What I'm trying to work out is, how much work will I have to do to get the thing to work the way I currently work with my 750V.


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    I don't know about mNOtes but all my files in my "My Treo Documents" and all my Internet favourites were copied onto the Pro when I synced the first time.
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    No, it recognises it as a new device (you can name the device whatever you want in start>settings>system>about>device id).

    You enter new activesync rules for the new device (emails, tasks, favourites etc.) and it syncs whatever rules you set for it. You can continue using the other device with whatever sync rules you had for that one. Files in My Documents and internet favourites will sync if you choose those options when setting up for the first time.

    Any third party programs need to be installed in the new phone to work. Applications can't be synced over, I'm almost certain (I stand to be corrected).
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