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    Ok so today's project was testing all the "push" email clients to see what the best solution for push gmail was. Well initially I setup an imap account in outlook called Gmail. Later on I installed the Sprint Mobile Mail app, and when I setup my gmail account, it created an account called Gmail1. I wasn't really impressed with the app, so I uninstalled it. Here's where the fun starts.

    Since my phone number was registered to my email address through sprint, I got a garbled text message that was meant to go to the mobile mail app, but was now missing. I searched online and found out you have to "re-register" to stop the text messages, then you can uninstall.

    So.....I reintalled the app, but got an error when trying to register my device. Upon further inspection, when I originally uninstalled the app, it removed my Gmail IMAP config and left the Mobile Mail created account Gmail1. I assumed this was causing some headache for the Mobile Mail app and attempted to delete it. When I go into settings, this account doesn't even show up to Outlook as being on the device! I can get to the folders, but outlook doesn't see it as an account that can be modified.

    Long story, I can't get mobile mail to re-register, and I can't get this damn account out of outlook. I have a feeling if I can get the account removed, I can get mobile mail to re-register, and all will be fine, but I don't know where in the registry I can go to manually remove the data that is keeping the account around.

    Any help?
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    another symptom:

    After uninstalling Sprint Mobile Mail and trying to install Seven, the cab goes straight to Installation was unsuccessful. Doesn't even try.
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    A garbled text or two after install of the mobile email app is normal and does not indicate a problem in most cases.

    I would check the registry and delete any entries that have to do with seven or sprint mobil email. At the very least try to run a registry cleaner and see if it can pick up any left over entries.

    Worst case is a hard reset, which at the end of the day might be faster than anything else.

    Good luck
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    I've tried to look for everything in the registry, but the issue now is that I get a garbled error message when trying to re-register in the app.
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    If the registry didnt yield anything obvious I would hard reset.

    This is an app that not many people use (there is a 7.0 version that no longer uses sms that is in beta) so I dont think you are going to find a ton of help on this.

    Maybe someone else will chime in but a recovering from a hard reset shouldent take long and doing one every couple of months is never a bad thing.
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    Waiting a day might be a good thing too as there system might refresh and begin to "see" you as unsubscribed.
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    does a hard reset force me to call sprint and reprogram?
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    No, a hard reset does not mean you just gotta call Sprint. Have you tried another email application? I put up with Pocket Outlook for a few days and went to FlexMail - it may fit your needs and is definitely worth looking at.
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    well i took the plunge for the hard reset, and now have the seven beta up. except for the fact that the alerts cause a wisbar error msg all seems well, even fixed my scrolling in kinoma, i guess the "exclusion" in touch commander wasnt working. looks like touch commander is staying off my device now

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