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    Hi guys, phone numbers are showing up in the incoming call screen, call log etc. within brackets and with dashes. For e.g. 65170900 will show up as (651) 709-00. Such display usually occurs when there is country and area codes but I'm from Singapore where there isn't an area code.

    Any idea how the display could be changed?
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    I have a suspicion this could depend on the "Start->Settings->System->Regional Settings" setting. Mine is set to "Swedish" and I get no extra characters in my numbers.
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    you're right. changed it to english (united kingdom) and it solved the problem but currency format will be

    probably going to leave it as english (united states)..

    thanks for the help though
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    Cant you change it to some other english setting like Australia or something. They have the same currency symbol.
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    great suggestion! will give it a go...thanks again

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