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    I was wondering if I could set up 2 outlook calendars on my phone. Basically I synch 1 to my work calendar. And then I synch the other with my wife's phone. That way she doesnt have all of my work stuff on her calendar and I can have both. Is this posisble? Thanks
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    Unfortunately, no, this is not supported (unless someone knows of a 3rd-party app to do it).

    I have been hoping for this feature too, along with many, many others. Virtually everyone with a PDA/smartphone has some sort of 2-calendar thing going on: work/personal, husband/wife, parents/children, etc... not having this feature on your mobile sucks.

    There is a post on the official Outlook Mobile Team Blog (Can't post the link, but google "windows mobile multiple calendars" and click the first link) that discusses this (read the comments section - tons of people start chiming in about multiple calendars). The team member who posted that blog entry confirms that multiple calendars is not supported (not in WM5, WM6, etc.). Maybe WM7? Lets hope so.
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    Hey thanks! Any idea if this reg edit works with just normal synch to outlook, not through 2 exchange servers?

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