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    I dont got much time to surf around latley on you site and have seen some of the available software for customizing your desktop on the 800w.
    I would like your opinions on which would be best for me being a noobie to the pocket pc world.
    I like my desktop to be clean as possible and i dont mind using the WM start menu any suggestions would be great. thanks in advance
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    If you like the iPhone type look, you can use programs like SPB Mobile Shell or Ultimate Launcher. If you like cascading Menus, you can use other programs, like Small Menu or QuickMenu. I use Small Menu. You can add additional folders by just creating a folder and also select what programs you want. For example, I do't use My Treo, Qucik Tour, Maps, or File Explorer. So I created another folder, which Small Menu uses, which contains the aps I realy care about. I'm on my 800w as I'm typing this, so I ca really give a screen shot.
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    Cool bud ill scope those out. Im not too keen on the Iphone thing only because i feel in more comfortable to use the 5button or whatever its called.
    Id like to clear my desktop almost completly to display wallpapers or pics ive taken.
    Any programs that allow me to create my own icons mabey?
    There is alot i dont understand about WM and installing files etc... but im not a computer dummy by any means its just a little diferent ill learn hehe.
    Thanks for the info hopefully some more folks post.

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