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    I have it set in power settings to turn off when idle for 2 min and the phone still won't turn off. I've tried all the other time options as well. If I leave it alone without manually turning it off, it'll stay on forever...until the battery dies that is. Anyone know how to fix this without trying a hard reset? Is there something in the registry that can be changed?

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    My power settings seem to come and go without any identifiable reason. Sometimes the screen will stay on all the time and other times it turns off as programed. A soft reset sometimes corrects it and other times I have to soft reset it a few times before it works as programmed. It's annoying as there seems no rhyme or reason to it. I don't have an answer and hope someone else does.
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    Strange. Sometimes my screen will stay on and never go off. I end up taking the battery out and putting it back in often trying to fix weird stuff like that.

    I dealt with a backlight that would only stay on for 4 seconds no matter what I did for quite a while until finally doing a hard reset to fix it.
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    I'm dealing with this issue now... I don't know the cause but it seems like it has something to do with whatever tells the phone it is plugged in because I can generally plug the phone in and unplug it to solve the problem.

    I originally thought it might be a software issue but I've hard reset twice in the last 12 hours and with no software installed at all I get the same problem quite randomly.
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    I'm experiencing this as well. I may not be using this phone as long as I thought...
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    I soft reset periodically (at least every other day) to avoid this and other strange behavior. Every Windows Mobile phone I've ever used has done this now and then; it's not unique to the 800w.

    There was a thread here quite recently about some setting that caused this behavior, and it was not a reg hack. It was a regular control panel change. Not a setting I use personally, but I do remember reading that someone set something a certain way and the screen never turned off (not backlight, screen itself). Not sure what it was...

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