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    Anyone tried this yet?

    From the website:
    "Never lose another SMS or your call history again. Sprite Archie archives both to your inbox!

    Got an important text? Need to keep a record of the numbers you’ve called? Want to check your call volume usage against your phone carrier bill? Moving phones and want to keep your business or personal messages? Archie will automatically backup your call logs and sms messages into your inbox."
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    hmmm only issue i see is this in the FAQ
    Will it work on my phone?
    Sprite Archie works on ALL Windows Mobiles, except Palm Treos. Palm Treo phones use a custom SMS application which intercepts SMS messages before they get to Sprite Archie. Sprite Archie will only log call events for Palm Treos.
    700WX -> 800W -> Touch Diamond -> Pre?
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    Looks like if if using that program is of interest to you, you will need to dump the Palm SMS program and revert to the wm6.1 threaded text program.
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    doesn't seem like it's gonna work for the 800w
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