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    I wouldn't recommend this phone if you're obssessive about cleanliness. The Treo Pro is the 'stickiest' phone I've ever handled. It doesn't help that I live in the tropics, but after a day's use the phone has become thick with greasy smudges and fingerprints, and doesn't feel too pleasant. The one advantage of the stickiness, I suppose, is that the phone is unlikely to slip from my hand and drop. Anyhow I've taken to ritually polishing it every morning with tissue.
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    What exactly are you watching on your Treo Pro?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cnick6 View Post
    What exactly are you watching on your Treo Pro?

    It's true though, this phone is waaaaay too glossy. I had a pack of those i-pod socks that I used for carrying my phone in my pocket. It helps keep the phone clean as every time you push the phone in or pull it out you are giving it a good wipe...

    But sometimes its too much hassle when you just have one hand free to pull out the phone and hit buttons.
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    I'd say, this guy is pretty creative:
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