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    the backlight wont shut off sometimes. When I receive a call or text and I don't answer it or i'm away from the phone the phone will shut off however the backlight stays lit. Just shows a blank white screen so its exhausting by battery. Also sometimes the backlight will turn on for now reason. Just the backlight turns on and i don't even touch the phone. Palm treo 800w
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    Mine started doing that last week. Whenever there was an unviewed notification, the entire screen would turn white with the backlight on. I did a hard reset and reloaded everything and the problem has gone away. Don't know what caused it.
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    Mine started after I installed Sprite Terminator, though there really seems to be nothing connecting the 2. I just press the power button a 2nd time and it operates normally.
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    I did a hard reset and reloaded the software. I could not find what caused the problem because the backlight problem went away after the hard reset.

    Some others (in another thread) are linking a very similar problem (if not the same)
    to one of the new Seidio extended batteries. I am still using the OEM battery.
    It appears to me that this is a problem with the phone itself, that may be exacerbated
    by heat.

    I'm on the lookout for this problem to reoccur. It it does I will be forced to return
    the phone (still within my 30 day period).
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