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    Quote Originally Posted by hoopsbwc34 View Post
    What ebay user did you buy from?
    dranscifer is her ebay handle.

    With the MSN Live cashback and the ebay 3% off, this badboy ended up being abour @ 230 with the car charger. Not bad I must say.
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    Got mine yesterday for $199. I was eligible for the upgrade discount, new line discount, and $100 MIR. Funny thing, I am a Premier customer so I'm eligible for the $150 upgrade discount after one year, right? Well, I had only upgraded to the 800w 6 months ago, so I don't have any idea why my eligibility was accelerated by half a year.
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    actually I got mine free from sprint tech support. They sent it as an upgrade to my HTC Touch which they had previously sent me 4 refurbs for.
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    got mine for $60 and sold my diamond for $300 I thought I was going to send the diamond in but didn't have to sold it.
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    unknowingly $260 for the best buy special edition off of ebay.
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    260 on ebay sold my 800w for 75 dollars, so like 185 total really
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    Was gonna do eBay until I saw the thread here about the 1.03 edition. Good thing because I paid $299 through telesales but then got these credits:

    -$100 credit on the phone with retentions
    -$120 credit eCare
    -$150-200 to sell replacement Treo 800w NIB on eBay (no deductible)
    -$100 rebate

    So I'm making $170-220
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    212 on ebay - 150 for sale of Treo 800, thus 62 so far. i also have the seidio high cap battery for sale, so once that sells, my out of pocket will be that much less. That said, I am going to be a case of some sort, so add back a couple of bux...
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    I lost my HTC Vox last week, and luckily I have insurance so have been offered a Palm Treo Pro to replace it - so I guess my purchase price is the excess of 25. Happy happy happy! Just got to wait for them to have stock again - shouldn't be too long.
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    $408 on eBay.
    Treo Pro ROCKS! I am a lucky one to have one. XPS M1730s ROCK!! (I wish I had one!) My laptop ROCKS! (Even though it isn't an M1730)
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    $260 CDMA version on Ebay.
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    218.00 from sprint. I got the 100 mail in rebate instant. 199.99 plus tax, free over night shipping.
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    225 from Ebay
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    Just got mine from Alltel for $99 (with 2 year contract). I'm not a new subscriber though; I've been with Alltel for a long time.

    This is my first smartphone

    I've been using a Sony Clie' (NR70V) for 7 years now and finally decided to combine the two (my phone with my PDA).

    The hardest part was deciding between the PalmOS and WM. I've been a PalmOS user since the original handspring came out. But I'm pretty adaptable and don't think I'll have too many issues making the leap........I hope.
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    wow I remember that Clie. I think I had it for a short while.
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    Your avatar just made me chuckle... I see that darn error almost every day I attempt to connect to Power Vision. Heck, I too saw that while my phone was "preparing Vision services". It's just too crazy to let an issue like that affect the consumer population! Ya think they would've caught that one before prime time release!
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    lol I had that error on my very first Treo, the 600. The internet only worked when I was miles away from home (connected to a different tower I suppose). When I was home it would never go online. I was so frustrated with that phone for that reason and others, I got rid of it and got a regular phone.

    Then I came back and got a 650... lol.
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    Assuming you know about the 1.03/1.04 issue, Treo Pro's are going for dirt cheap now on eBay--looks like either there is low demand/high supply, just high supply, or the firmware debate forced prices down across the board.

    Regardless, if you do a "completed listings" you'll see ones that went for $125/$136 + shipping (!) with averages on the low-end hovering now between $170-190. Score.

    needles to say these are fantastic prices--I don't recall any WM phone going that low so quickly, but hey...good for you potential buyers!
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    If you go online to and add the phone to the cart, pick your plan, and then once the cart is totaled you x out of the site a new window opens offering you an addtional 50$ off.
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    really? Man that is ridiculous. No resale value on these phones that's for sure.
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!

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