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    Got mine yesterday off Craigs list for $100
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    I know its not a Pro but I bought a Touch Pro for $125 shipped. I have a custom Energy 21932 4/24 build and its awesome. I say this because there are some serious deals out there. $100 for a decent Treo Pro is a deal. I may pick one up for fun.
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    Hey guys. Just got my Treo Pro today for $100. It is in flawless condition and came with 2 Seidio cases..$100 well spent.
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    $30 on Craigslist, no battery, no charger, no cable, no accessories.

    Excellent condition, practically new. ESN records show it has only been active for 10 days. Battery cover had some scratches, more than I would expect for 10 days use, but these scratches are the only thing that keeps it from being mint condition.

    I found a battery locally for $15 ... had to get one ASAP to make sure the phone was not DOA. They are ~$10 on eBay. $15 local was good: $40 at Batteries plus and Radio Shack. (Blackberry Bold batteries may be a cheaper alternative.)

    MicroUSB chargers are easy to find from other phones and devices. Data cable en route, $2 eBay.
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