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    $100 after $100rebate Frys. Seattle area. Was told they just stoped carring sprint too (Have not verified) Loving the phone after all the nessary mods from the forums.
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    Just got a used one on fleabay for $156 and it included

    sedio case
    4 oem chargers
    3 oem batteries
    2 oem headsets
    3 oem charger cables.
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    free came through work
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    You guys got some good deals!

    I have the CDMA version from Telus, and got it when it first came out, as my hardware upgrade... 149.00

    I had been waiting for the Touch Pro 2, or Blackberry Tour 9630 and neither were out yet and my other phone (BB Storm) was having issues... so I took the leap and love it! Blackberry form factor and Windows Mobile... best of both worlds!
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    I'll be selling an unlocked GSM one here pretty shortly if anyone wants a good deal on it - I had to send one back to Palm to be fixed and bought another in the meantime, so I'll have two when it comes back and obviously don't need two :-P
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    $125 new for the Alltel TP, no accessories however.
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    Paid $250 included shipping... Off Ebay!
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    I didn't pay anything for my Treo Pro from Sprint. I had a 800w and kept having issuing with the charger port/headphone jack. I had taken my phone to the repair center at least 3 times and received a new one. Finally just called Sprint and complained and they told me to go to the store and pick out a new phone. Whatever I wanted. And I was still able to keep my 800w which i just use as an mp3 player now.
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    $120, Craigslist.
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    I sold my used Treo Pro off fleabay for $158 minus junk fees and use it to pay down on my new Touch Pro 2 at $360.
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    got my treo pro on ebay for 158.00
    got a free silicone case
    car charger
    and extra battery
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    Sprint Treo Pro, brand-new, in box $240 from eBay w/car charger included.
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    I guess I did well selling mine for $300 through CL in gold ol' American cash.

    It's an awesome device.
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    $199. unlocked/unbranded from Dell
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    One day only sale promotion from Dell $199 including tax no shipping.
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    I got new one at Dell Small Business at $180 with free shipping. But the damn California government imposes skyhigh tax rate, I paid nearly $200 for my unlocked gsm treo pro.
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    179+ tax( around 12) shipped from dell online for an unlocked GSM version. I had a 700wx with Verizon, but switched to tmoble, so I've been using a cheap Samsung for 3 months, so i can't wait for not only a treo again, but a better one!
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    After the $150 Sprint gave me for my 2-year upgrade plus a $100 rebate (I think) I paid about $150. Well worth it in my opinion.
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    $125 CL, last year(May)
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    I just ordered a second one from for $180. Good deal.
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