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    I love the 800w way more mainly cuz hard keyboard, the mp3 trimmer program is pretty sick, there is a app called streaming media, youtube app, and most importantly the picturemail is built into the phone and its a real cool app and works great and smooth...
    so my question is if we can take iphone skins and icons and put them on a windows phone, why can we not take the programs from diamond and the actual UI even cause its sick how it looks n is so well organized and were gettin the same ol WM treatment while HTC is changin things up n makin hot stuff
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    interesting thread subscribing to see where this goes
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    There seem to be individual threads started already dealing with specific HTC functions that people are trying to port to the 800w. Two threads alone on the picturemail cab.
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    I too looked for some of the applications, particularly the MP3 Trimmer.

    You'll find a lot here.
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    Google MP3 Trimmer cab. Its out there and DOES work on the 800w. I don't thinkthe youtube will work, I think its setup for the specific Opera browser native to the Diamond.

    Oh, and yes... I have both the 800w and the Diamond. The 800w winds hands down for ease of use. The Diamond is pretty nifty with Touchflow 3d, but I can't get used to the on-screne key board. Looks like the Diamond is gonna go back for the Touch Pro when it's released. I hated the slider on my Mogul but atleast I know how to type on a hard key board. The HTC Diamond interface and native apps are the shiznet, but I'll never give up on the Treo. If HTC just made the key board slide out the bottom long ways (if that makes sense to ya) the Diamond Pro would be useable one handed. The Diamond falls between the 800w and the Centro in width so a bottom sliding key board would be quite useable even for my meathooks.
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    I found the trimmer app even the icon looks the same however it wont open on the 800w gives an error that its missing something or not signed...anyone using the exact same app that can post here please? I LOVEEEEE the picture mail app on the diamond it comes through directly to phone no link no website its so SICK

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